Wednesday, 24 September 2014

What! Adorable monkey?

Don't know what to make of this the first time I saw it with the caption 'An-adorable-baby-monkey-resizecrop.'

I thought I wasn’t sure of what adorable means so I scrolled through my phone dictionary and bingo………I was right. Adorable means delightful or charming. So here you have it, our charming Monkey

Animals are indeed charming. This monkey, with a close look is adorable really. It is quite likeable. With its clothing, cap and baby pacifier, I think I will like it and want to carry it home….. Smiles …

Do you think this Monkey is adorable?

Or you want to tell me what your favorite pet is?

London now most expensive city to work and live

London has overtaken Hong Kong as the most expensive city in the world for workers to live and for companies to place staff, a new study has found.

Soaring rents combined with the strong pound has driven up the average cost per employee of renting somewhere to live and leasing office space by 39 per cent to $120,000 or £73,000 a year, according to Savills estate agents' 'Live/Work index' - making it almost twice as pricey as Sydney, and four times more than Rio de Janeiro.

Property prices in the UK capital have soared 18.4 per cent in the past year alone, encouraged by a general upturn in the economy, and that helped take London from fifth place in 2008 in the study's table to top.

It places London well ahead of other cities on the list, such as New York and Paris (third and four respectively), which along with Hong Kong are the only hubs where residential and office space
rental costs top US$100,000, or £61,000 a year.

This is still well below the record set by Hong Kong in 2011 of $128,000 a year - around £79,000 - Savills said, adding that residential property prices in Hong Kong remained 40 per cent higher than in London, although the gap was beginning to narrow.

However, the report warned that soaring property prices could have a detrimental effect on London's future economic growth. 

It said: 'The availability of low-cost office space in and around Silicon roundabout, coupled with affordable residential accommodation, helped put the capital on the technology map.

'But gentrification has priced out new start-ups, and the vitality of central London locations are at risk as they become too expensive for the types of occupiers that made them attractive in the first place.'

Meanwhile, Savills said Hong Kong's drop to second spot in the rankings, after five years at the top, was down to a modest fall in residential rents combined with a weakening currency.
At the other end of the scale, Rio de Janeiro and Mumbai are the cheapest cities on the list to locate employees. 

Source; Dailymail

This is new; Blackberry launches new Phone

In what is considered the last attempt by Blackberry to get back some market share from its rivals, a new Blackberry Passport phone has been officially lunched. The 4.5 inch device will run on Android apps from Amazon Appstore and is said to be available in UK, US, France, Germany, Canada and will be available on soon.

The Passport was first revealed in June by BlackBerry boss John Chen during the company's quarterly earnings report and will be available in more than 30 countries around the world, including the Middle before the end of the year.

The launch of Blackberry passport will be the first after the release of Blackberry 10 devices in 2013.

Prices in the various regions are £529 in the UK, $599 in the US, €649 in France and Germany, and $699 in Canada, when bought from

Blackberry Passport phone specifications include
The phone has full HD 4.5 inch square screen that offers viewing space to a 5 inch phone with a better viewing experience.
It has 1440*1440 pixel resolution display with pixel density of 453PPL

2.2GHz quad-core snapdragon 800 processor
3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage plus expendable storage via microSD car up to 64GB

13MP rear camera and a 2MP front camera
A touch screen accompanied by physical keyboard

Passport runs Blackberry 10 OS 10.3 This software features Blackberry Blend, which lets users Blackberry content to other devices including PCs and Android phones, as well as the Amazon Appstore.
This means that Android apps from the Amazon store can be installed on the Blackberry device.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Revealed; Secrete behind the smiles in Denmark

It is not easy to tell if Denmark is the best place to travel if you imagined a huge economic benefit but reports from survey points to the fact that it is indeed a happy place to live. The United Nation world happiness report had consistently ranked Denmark top of the list. This was the case in the 2013 rankings as well. Researchers argue that more than two-thirds of the Danish people surveyed rated their lives with eight on the scale of ten. For years now, there had been effort to know why the Danish are always ranked world's happiest people.

In a recent report on a study carried out by IZA, a German economic research institute, published in its IZA discussion paper, happiness is in the DNA of the Danes. The study consisted of three analyses.

First analysis showed the closer a nation was to the genetic make-up of Danes, the happier the country.

Second analysis considered an association between mental well-being and variation in the serotonin-transporter-gene linked polymorphic region (HTTLPR). This gene influences the mood in humans. So it's expected, the happiness of one person could affect others happiness, as a family or friend.

Third analyses showed a positive correlation between the happiness of some nations and the happiness of Americans whose ancestors came from Denmark. Americans whose ancestors come from Denmark seem happier.

Fela Durotoye's historic VBLT

History is not everything that happened in the past of a nation, but things that happened in the past that shaped and benefits the future. These were the words of the motivational speaker, Fela Durotoye.

Fela Durotoye

History was made on Saturday 13 of September 2014 when close to a thousand youth gathered together at the Unilag main auditorium for the first ever Value Based Leadership Training by Gemstone. At a time when many successful Nigerians are after personal success, when people are complaining and condemning the state of things in the country; corruption, theft et al, the founder of Gemstone, Fela Durotoye took it upon himself to pursue what he called collective/national success. In his words, personal success comes to nothing in the face of collective failure and nations are not built by boarders or boundaries but by people. He believed until people come together to build a nation, no nation can build itself. Great nation he says are built by great people.

Jimi Tewe

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Fashion is Lifestyle; Let it Speak You


You might not have known what language fashion speaks but you are about to. It speaks no other language than your language. Fashion has many speeches but a single interpretation to suit individual personality. 

When you combine the right color, style and size, the next you will appear is fabulous. If not, your disappearance will surely put a thousand into confusion.

Fashion is language, when it is your own language, it explains a lot about you. It reflects your stand and depicts your peculiarity.

Be mindful, all fashion speak in same tongue; the interpretation is what defers. When you are styled, you either appear acceptable or unbelievable. It is either you look good in it to attract accolades or you look terrible and detract accolades. 

When fashion is done well, it goes with a well done. When it is wrongly done, it comes with a head knock. Your style only makes you acceptable or unbearable.

You can’t be dressed like everyone and expect your style to speak a unique language. Your style will portray your values. It will determine your worth and place a price on you.

Your style will tell the world your taste, and will show the universe what you are thirsty of.

Your fashion will say a lot, if it's not about you, could be you are in someone elses skin and speaking another language.

Let your style say you and give you a script to act the part. 

You can be a bit of all colors like me but appear pleasing, comfortable and convincing. Be the course; let the world study you to earn her grades.

What language does your style speak? Mine speaks fab......smiles 

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Ten Unbelievable Health Benefits of Onions

Until when my inquisitiveness pushed me to finding out more about the health benefit of onions, I honestly thought it was good for just two things; first for preparing delicious meals and secondly making even a grown-up have stream of tears in his eyes. My findings however prove onion is much more useful than how I have subjected it. Below are some of its benefits

·        * Onion juice is recommended to reduce ear pains and blurred vision.
·         * By eating onions, you can reduce any inflammation of the joint or pains and keep your heart healthy.
·         *   Onions helps your respiration function normally with its ability to liquefy mucus.
·        *   Consuming onions prevent cold and flu. 
·         * Now this is for the men, the seed of onions increases sperms. 

·         * Onions with its chromium help regulates and reduces blood pressure. 
·         * Eating raw onions regularly can significantly lower cholesterol and prevent heart attack or problems.  
·         * Onion extract is rich in a variety of sulfides which provide some protection against tumor growth. It reduces the risk of several cancers such as colorectal cancer, oral cancer, laryngeal cancer, stomach cancer, esophageal cancer, and ovarian cancer.
·         * The quercetin found in onions, along with other substances; help promote a healthy immune system. 
·         * Recent research shows that onions may kill bacteria that cause tooth decay and other dental problems. Chewing a raw onion for two to three minutes could kill all the germs in the mouth. 

Did I hear you sigh? Smiles......
Onions are quite beneficial to our health and food. When you go to the market, choose the fresh ones.