Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Fashion is Lifestyle; Let it Speak You


You might not have known what language fashion speaks but you are about to. It speaks no other language than your language. Fashion has many speeches but a single interpretation to suit individual personality. 

When you combine the right color, style and size, the next you will appear is fabulous. If not, your disappearance will surely put a thousand into confusion.

Fashion is language, when it is your own language, it explains a lot about you. It reflects your stand and depicts your peculiarity.

Be mindful, all fashion speak in same tongue; the interpretation is what defers. When you are styled, you either appear acceptable or unbelievable. It is either you look good in it to attract accolades or you look terrible and detract accolades. 

When fashion is done well, it goes with a well done. When it is wrongly done, it comes with a head knock. Your style only makes you acceptable or unbearable.

You can’t be dressed like everyone and expect your style to speak a unique language. Your style will portray your values. It will determine your worth and place a price on you.

Your style will tell the world your taste, and will show the universe what you are thirsty of.

Your fashion will say a lot, if it's not about you, could be you are in someone elses skin and speaking another language.

Let your style say you and give you a script to act the part. 

You can be a bit of all colors like me but appear pleasing, comfortable and convincing. Be the course; let the world study you to earn her grades.

What language does your style speak? Mine speaks fab......smiles 

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