Saturday, 29 November 2014

So She Dressed Gorgeously But Forgot Her Underwear

So she stormed Sydney in Australia for the 28th annual ARIA awards wearing a gorgeous princess look. But guess what? She forgot her undies at home (!)...or maybe she....
Well, the "DARK HORSE" singer showed up so excited and ready to mingle with her fans, stylishly dressed in a halter top, sheer netted skirt with a well detailed black and purple floral applique.

Katy Perry did not forget her accessories, yes, but definitely left her undies behind, yes….because she showed up in a see-through two-piece, but stylishly censored with lilac flowers on it. She also added a knotted metallic blue headband to put her hair together. To wow her fans she posed to take a selfie with them.
This might not be unusual to many though. But really its trashy to me, because when you think underwear, you think the purpose and not the fashion behind it...except you are at the beach area, pool or…..bed room. Lol
Underwear has been invented for purpose. It protects us from infections and irritations as well as parasites and not wearing it can be hazardous when it comes to your health.
From experience, when you don’t wear underwear, your jeans, short, dress or skirts rubs against your skin and that can cause irritation and redness. And trust me zippers can cause discomfort especially around the genital area.

When you wear clothes, especially jeans without underwear you can wear them just once to feel quite comfortable. If you keep wearing them again and again without washing, the fabric will accumulate not only the discharges from your body like body oil, urine and sweat but also odors which you might not smell but other will do. It’s like wearing the same underwear over and over.....chaiiiii
Well, all in all it’s your choice so you can always do what you like. But remember, there are consequences. SO WHAT DO YOU THINK, TO WEAR OR NOT TO WEAR?

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