Friday, 5 December 2014

2baba's Response!!!

Super star/ business mogul Innocent Idibia popularly called 2baba....finally hits back at mouthed comedians who made fun of him years back over  his lines in one of his hit tracks "Nfana ibaga"  produced by Ojb Jezreel.

Interestingly, 2baba said in the song and I quote  "i woke up in the morning ..stretch out my feet..say a thank you prayer then I brush up my teeth..a little exercise then I grab something to eat,put on a piece of clothing and  then I stepped into the street...."  that prompted comedians to ask "2baba you no dey baff?"

Well, the pop singer initially seem like he ignored the joke in his cool nature, but he did not after all! Because he has gone on to do a remix of that same song, interestingly this time, he remembered to take his bath oo....Lol . note, "i wake up in the morning and stretch out my feet..say a thank you prayer then I brush up my teeth, this time I took a shower and then grab something to eat...'.

2baba undoubtedly every one's sweetheart is one of  the biggest export out of Africa. His "Unstoppable" album has enjoyed mad reviews and awards too, and so also his "Ascension" album been buzzing and making massive impact internationally...2baba truly been sweeping us "Away n Beyond"

The highlight of the remix for me was when he said '...just because I finish  from street school, some people them take me for a fool..." ...... Ok Ok  folks,with the kinda massive success 2baba has been on over the years.....jor ooo!!! who wouldn't want to graduate from the street??? Pls 2baba i need your street school oooo how do i enrol?.

Watch the Video and share your thoughts. hehe!