Sunday, 21 December 2014

Ideal Gifts For That Special Man In Your Life!!!!

Let me say a very big Thank you first and foremost, to all my awesome readers. You all are most appreciated for your wonderful suggestions, and this piece is coming strictly from your honest ideas.        Here are some of your suggestions on which really tickled my fancy.

Charly suggested that you show that your special man 'Love' because material things can be easily forgotten. I thought that was a really wonderful idea, and I was really impressed. Afterall said and done, love is the reason for the season. It's all about sharing and caring. So I think more than anything its ideal for us to just go out there and show love. 

Here are some of the other things you suggested.

I) Wrist Watch: Yes it helps him plan and be on his feet,so its an important accessory. Some even argue a wristwatch is capable of raising a man's self esteem. Well...

II) Suit: I quite agree, to keep him looking dapper and presentable. 

III) Jersey: Now this is something I think every sports loving guy will appreciate so much. Buy him the latest jersey of his favourite club, and do well to inscribe at the back that special name you call him.

IV) Perfume: No one's embarrassing you out there. Your guy need not smell like a "dogoyaro leaf", so getting him a designer piece to wear isn't bad at all.

V) Car: Car ko, Aeroplane ni! I be him papa? Lol well not so bad,if you can afford it why not. It will aid his movement surely. 

Well, still appreciating you all, because your suggestions finally made my block head reason at last. Here are some of the things I thought of my self. Let's make the pool to choose from even bigger. 

For that fun-loving, caring, traveller, cool, crazy, bubbly man in your him

A: Electronic/tech gadgets,coz they simply love gadgets in their lives. Something to feel cool about. Something that keeps their brain running sharp.

B: Designer Shirts: It will sure make him stand out, and it speaks its own language called "classy". 

C: Shoe Polish yes, looks small but quite necessary and will be valued. Trust me. 

D: Games: That's what's up! Every guy (or almost every guy) loves at least some type of game. Trust me if you can give this,you might never go wrong,some of them love this with their lives..... 

E: Headphones: Trendy and hot in recent times, it makes them happy,whether its used while seeing a movie or while playing games.


  1. Cheche oooo,kia i love u

  2. lol. If my lady presents me with a ps2 game or a nice galaxy s4, what else should I ask for? Even a cheap Manchester united jersey with my nickname inscribed on it, that'll be just perfect