Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Problem Solved! Your Backup Is Out There Ladies!!

Beautiful and comfortable ways you can wear your outfits without worries.Here, Fashion editor Eliza Scarborough reveals how to match your bra to your dress,finally ladies we can all smile now.

Now for your party outfits for the season, this crisscross neckline will treat you well, and this bra works well and with five different ways to cross the straps.
The straps clip easily into clasps on the bra, although it is a little fiddly to work out which way to cross the straps according to what kind of dress you’re wearing,but the effort is worth it.

This bra has smooth cups with a front closure and plush four-way convertible straps, allowing the single back strap to be pinned in five different ways.
It gives great natural push-up thanks to the halter neckline pushing everything inwards and upwards.
And the fact that it does up at the front means it is really easy to get on and off.

TAKE THE PLUNGEWonder bra it is, this bra has been designed to mimic natural lift with the help of four foam ‘fingers’ that are moulded into each cup, replacing conventional underwiring.It looks great with a plunging party frock, and also has a low back that is strong enough to keep everything in place.
Even though it is cut very low on the chest, this bra gives fantastic coverage of the bust.
Better still, its smooth, moulded cups create a seamless appearance. No one will guess your secret.

Developed to help women create an instantaneous hourglass figure, this long-line strapless bra has a corset-like panel, so it both pushes up your breasts AND holds in the tum.
It’s very comfortable and gives great cleavage, so looks fabulous with low-cut sparkly party dresses.
The long line means it hugs the ribs and won’t move, so makes you feel secure. It’s a particularly good style for bigger-busted women

This bra looks insecure at first glance because all it has for sides are two stick-on pieces. Surprisingly, though, it isn’t. The sticky pads, which are replaceable, cling to the skin at each side of your body.
Strong underwiring means it’s ideal for backless, strapless dresses. It stays securely in the right place, and the underwiring makes it appropriate for bigger-busted women as well as small-chested ones.

Real thought has been put into this bra, which has lace on the cups, a tiny bow in the centre and two beautiful, silky straps pinned over one shoulder to show off the other.
Simply put on the bra as you would a normal one and clip the strap into place.It is very useful for creating a smooth silhouette underneath a Grecian-inspired dress. You’ll never need to compromise with a strapless bra again.


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