Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Tattoos the ink fashion.

Tattoos!!! Tattoos!! always so controversial around the globe. But are tattoos fashionable?

The world is full of tattooed humans, both young and old. Some go with the permanent ones,while others opt for the washable ones. But this really has to do with you 'spoiling' you skin or to put it lightly, tampering with your body,

I quite agree that its a work of art,but putting it on is like someone defacing a beautiful face by scratching it mercilessly.

So Lil Wayne just inked up his face once again,haa not his first time nah,why bother?' He is a full tattoo customer.


  1. For me i see tattoos as an act of madness, cus it does not make any sense, the bible says we are beautifully and wonderfully made so i dont see any reason why people do it cus i cant....

  2. To me, tattoos are just pure foolishness. I think it's against the Christian doctrine.
    I recently saw a guy with tattoo on his neck. He looked like an alien bcos he was trying to clean the tattoo nd it didn't. rather, it gave him a severe injury on his neck