Monday, 29 December 2014

Wardrobe Malfunction in Front of Your Man Friend's.

Lionel Richie and his much younger girlfriend went on a date with Philip Green,but accidentally she had a wardrobe malfunction by exposing her right breast in her low cut dress.

First,she should have known better; this dress is so light, for heaven's sake its a plunging silk handkerchief dress, so the lady should be expected to have worn a tube inside for her confidence instead of wearing the dress with nothing inside.

Women love to wear plunging necklines, but you need to guard your nips so they don't have to slip just like hers,and also its necessary you wear a tight under,should the dress decide to fly...quite a pity sha.

Imagine,this happening to you,imagine your fiance, husband's,or boyfriend's friends seeing what your upper inner looks like,WHAT WOULD YOU DO?

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