Monday, 2 February 2015

This Is Not "Bongo".

Meet the Beautiful/Gorgeous high-waisted leg-lenghtener. This is more than your ordinary or daily trousers. The leg- lenghtener gives an edgy has a way of saying "hey!! Shut it, am talking here",it goes all the way to create magic that make you stand out, But it depends a lot on what you pair it with.

When rocking your high-waisted, wide leg trouser, because it has a slimming magic, pls I beg you...on formal, pair with a fitted shirt,tuck it inside the trouser in order to achieve a slim waist, then finish up with a beautiful wedges/sky high heels.

On smart casual, choose between a singlet or crop top to grab that chic look, then finish up with a pair of sandals. Now that's what it is,intending to rock this look, Then try find the pair that fits, because that is where the job is, but once you do... then you will surely get that classic look that will make your figure smile.

Very simple!!