Thursday, 12 March 2015

Willow Smith Throws A 'Shoki' Move.

This is confidence at 14! Willow Smith is such a brave baby who has carved out her own style, and stubbornly sticks to it.

She recently posed in Pucci and Saint Laurent for a spread in an upcoming issue of CR Fashion book. Willow, being the daughter of Will and Jada Smith has been exposed to the media from birth, and for her to embrace her own style and originality is something to applaud.

I love her fashion sense and thinking about my life at 14 right now and also that of so many teens out there, it's never easy finding your own style and maintaining it without condemnation from our world of now.

This is something to admire. It's so real, unique and beautiful. On the other hand, Willow is so young and I hope she is truly happy from within.