Tuesday, 14 April 2015

The MTV Movie Awards Worst Dressed Awards Goes To....

At any awards ceremony, lots and lots of classy and stunning ensembles are expected on the red carpet. But some peeps are certainly not living in our time, so they decided to wear what best to represent the planet they came from. Dramatic and unbelievable is how best to describe some of these celebs, especially Bia Ling.

The Chinese-American born actress showed up at the MTV Movie Awards dressed like the mother of dragons, who had to come out in search of her missing babies. She got everyone staring in absolute shock, at her dragon look gold costume that featured a skimpy skirt and matching dragon heels, possibly stolen from "Kaaleesi"in the popular TV series "Game of Thrones"...and her makeup, is a dramatic drawing.

The pretty Shailene Woodley meanwhile looked ok, but not for the occasion. She had a clash of patterns in this striped black and white top, carefully tucked into another patterned trousers and paired with black leather boots that states "hey peeps I'm ready, let's go hiking"!

Haikee Steinfeld also was present in this mismatched out of place ensemble. The 18-year old looked like she took off from home in this colour fight outfit that has a sheer olive green top, also tucked into a patterend black and white skirt teamed with strappy black leather open-toed heels (mind the rambling).

Ok, these peeps sure need help, and maybe stylists too.