Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Is Turtleneck Or Roll-Neck Your Enemy? Well, You Are Not Alone!

A turtleneck or Roll neck, is a polo like neck outfit that features a close or loose fitting high neck. 

Rarely considered as sexy by many, but as the weather changes, we wont't really have much of a say but to embrace it. Because be it the very thick ones or those made of thin or lycra material, roll-necks will not only keep you warm, but will also make you fashionable depending on how smart you pair them.

Growing-up was nothing funny at all, as many of us saw the turtle necks as hideous belt-like outfit that was created to choke us up. I remember how those days I practically struggled to free myself from the claw-like trying to take my freedom from an enemy.

Kylie Jenner rocked a skinny  high-waisted jeans with a cropped turtle neck.

Christiana Milian looks hot in turtleneck and skirt combo worn with biker leather jacket and booties.

Anyways, while many hated the roll neck styles because it made them feel bunched together or gave that choking sensation, many also loved it because it's so versatile and can be paired with multiple outfit.

A quick look at the good and bad side of this outfit.

Pros: 1:The roll neck is good for warmth, especially if you are freezing or cold
2: It elongates ones neck (models can relate)
3:It can also shorten the length of the neck.
4: Increases the size of the bust area.
5:It's also good in the 'layering' your neck area.

Your's trully, rocking my loose-neck grey sweater roll neck, worn with skinny blue jeans and white x blue sneakers.

Cons: 1: It causes overheating.
2:Gives you no room for air,ie keeping you feeling choky and uncomfortable.
3:Some can really give a comic look.
4: Turtle necks can make one look layered. 

Boyfriend jeans rocked with a striped roll-neck and paired with a blazer.

All said and done, I would like to say here that I for one love roll-necks, especially those basic form-fitted types that makes you look smart, and gives you a great shape.
I also do agree with peeps who totally have natural hatred for while at the same time I also sympathize with those who feels like the roll neck suffocates them. I will also beg you to note here, that turtle necks are pretty lovely outfits though.

Gabrielle Union, looked hot in long-sleeved white cropped turtleneck and cute tailored wide leg pants.

They are fashionable and will leave you room to flaunt your neck piece as you want, ie you can accessorize as you like.
Lastly, just try one today and make sure you pair them with outfits such as blazers, coats, ponchos, kimonos etc  allow that fashionable part of you shine out.

Kim K rocked this red ribbed pencil skirt with a simple grey turtleneck.


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