Fela Durotoye's historic VBLT

History is not everything that happened in the past of a nation, but things that happened in the past that shaped and benefits the future. These were the words of the motivational speaker, Fela Durotoye.

Fela Durotoye

History was made on Saturday 13 of September 2014 when close to a thousand youth gathered together at the Unilag main auditorium for the first ever Value Based Leadership Training by Gemstone. At a time when many successful Nigerians are after personal success, when people are complaining and condemning the state of things in the country; corruption, theft et al, the founder of Gemstone, Fela Durotoye took it upon himself to pursue what he called collective/national success. In his words, personal success comes to nothing in the face of collective failure and nations are not built by boarders or boundaries but by people. He believed until people come together to build a nation, no nation can build itself. Great nation he says are built by great people.
Jimi Tewe

The event was to train one thousand people that will eventually train one million Nigerians on our lost values and nation building. The problem with Nigeria according to him is like a tree. You can see the fruit but can’t see the root because it’s in the ground. Corruption, bad leadership, bad educational system, bad  road, bad hospitals, terrorism to mention a few are all fruits that we can see as problems in Nigeria but the problem started from the root which is value decadence. To rid the tree of bad fruits is not to cut off the branches but to try and plant a new good fruit that can be sustained before embarking on cutting down the bad tree from the root.
Fela speaking on the strength the nation can get from our collective efforts

Leadership is what it is today because of the foundational/root problem of value decadence. At the family level, the right values are not passed to the children who eventually will grow up to occupy the society, not forgetting that societies produce leaders. When our values are strong as a person and nation, the society will produce a leader who accepts responsibility, sacrifice and take right actions. Nations are connection of people with same values. These values are national values that can unite everyone such that when the value held says a matter is wrong, it becomes wrong, not just in the west, east, south or north, but all over the country. For an ideology to be considered to be valuable, it must be beneficial to everyone, acceptable to all, stand the test of tribe, religion, gender and generations.
Before the end of the program, ten values were discussed and analyzed. In my opinion, if all Nigerians should live daily on these values, Nigeria will not only get better but be the most desirable nation to live in.The ten values include :
To make a positive impact on everyone I meet and everywhere I go
To be a solution provider and not a part of a problem to be solved
To be role model worthy of emulation
To be my best in all that I do particularly the things am naturally good at
To do the right things at all times regardless of who is doing the wrong thing
To value time and make the best use of it
To care and show respect through my words and my actions
To consciously build a great legacy starting now, today and everyday
To live a life of integrity and honor
To make my family,nation and God proud


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