I was at my studio minding my business and just doing my thing when the #doromegasuperstar #Godwin crooner popped in looking all fly like a box of fresh candy. So I thought it wont be a bad Idea if he is our celebrity of the month. Trust me there was no time to check time, I quickly pushed him into the hot but cozy seat.

Cheche - Please introduce yourself

Korede - my name is Korede Bello, a singer/songwriter, I love music; she's bae. I see music as an opportunity to serve and give life #BelloversWorldwide 

Cheche - What's fashion to you?

Korede - fashion to me is looking good, comfortable , and appropriate for the occasion.

Cheche - How do you define fashionable?

Korede - The word 'fashionable' is relative , basically, fashion means different things to different people so being fashionable is a matter of style.

Cheche - What fashion statement, or popular fashion trends don't you like?

Korede - I can't think of any right now. lol 

Cheche - what is your fashion fetish (things you are crazy about)

Korede - I love perfumes.

Cheche - How long does it take you to dress/style yourself for an event?

Korede - it totally depends on the type event because it takes me longer to get ready for a red carpet event.

Cheche - Do you dress yourself or you have a costumier?

Korede -I dress myself but most times I have stylists who do a great job at sorting me out.

Cheche - Whats the highest/total amount you have spent on question 5

Korede - if I Like it; I buy it, as long as I can afford it. I really don't know what the highest would   be though 

Cheche - who is your best fashion icon

Korede - don jazzy. lol because of his simplicity.

Cheche - who is your favorite designer

Korede - it'll be totally unfair of me to pick just one designer out of a plethora of wonderful designers out there; I honestly don't have a favorite. 

Cheche - What's a perfect dressing to you? (Describe yourself when you dress best)

Korede -'You're best dressed when you're dressed for the occasion'.

Cheche - Anything new or still cooking that you would want your fans to know about you?

Korede - Yeah! we're working on a lot of projects this year that my #Bellovers would love; more videos and MEGA songs by God's grace. As we already know God always wins; for you and me. #GodWin


Dear citizens of chechesmithnation, please allow me to introduce one of our celebrity of the month. He is quite an amazing guy focused and determined. I caught up with him at an event and this conversation ensued

Cheche - May I meet you

Teddy - My names are Temitope Oladipo Adenibuyan, Teddy-A, Singer (Performing artiste).

Cheche - What's fashion to you?

Teddy - Fashion is everything. It's a way of life, a lifestyle.

Cheche - How do you define fashionable?

Teddy - Being able to make a statement with whatever it is you wear.

Cheche - What fashion statement, or popular fashion trends don't you like?

Teddy - I sincerely don't like Kanye's new fashion line under Adidas. Just my honest opinion.

Cheche - What is your fashion fetish (things you are crazy about)

Teddy - Footwear gotta stay fresh 

Cheche - How long does it take you to dress/style yourself for an event?

Teddy - In about 15 mins give or take 

Cheche - Do you dress yourself or you have a costumier?

Teddy- Both. Depends on the event.

Cheche - Whats the highest amount you have spent on question 5

Teddy - $800 lol

Cheche - who is your best fashion icon

Teddy - I honestly don't have one

Cheche - who is your favorite designer

Teddy - Versace 

Cheche - What's a perfect dressing to you? (Describe yourself when you dress best)

Teddy - Anything that has to do with putting together contrasting colors. Now that's a fresh look!

Cheche - Any other thing you would love your fans  to know

Teddy - Thanks for all the love! I promise never to let you guys down.

Cheche - Well there you have it. That's all I could ask him because our discussion was a bit short, but feel free to throw in your own questions and comments, he promised to attend to everyone of them as long as time permits. 

We are not in a hurry any way because he will be responding directly on this blog by himself for a whole month.

A little bird told me he has surprise at the ... Keep your fingers crossed and keep the conversation flowing. Who knows! You might just get lucky.  

Very Simple!


@therealzeez Looking Dapper.
 Jacket - Tunde Marcus,
 Pants- Relay jeans,
 Shoes- Ted Baker,
 Styled by : Dernier Cri Studio.

Jumpsuits don't scream for recognition because they are amazing outfits that makes you feel in charge any day all day, simple and usually ready to go.

They also fit most needs depending on your mood and creativity.
Note: Jumpsuits are trendy and how they look makes them stand out, being already together ie both the top and bottom are in one piece, be it short or long jumpsuits.

The thing is that a Jumpsuit does always make any woman stand out smart, and that does not mean you should  jump in it every time or for you to start Jumping  O. lol. You need to know how to dress in your Jumpsuit,so that you don't ridicule yourself in this simple outfit.

Let's take a look at how to pair your wonder Jumpsuits before you leave your home.

            JUMPSUIT ON A DATE

Jumpsuits are quite cute things for a night out. Be it in short or long form. But please don't wear the dramatic ones, like an over-size, so you don't scare your partner on the date with you. The Jumpsuit can bail itself so don't try to act like you can save the Jumpsuit ,

So dress lightly...its safe to wear it with less accessory,all you need here is that little help from your flat, casual earring with your hair well put together in a well defined position. No over styling,no dramatic accessories.


Hmm-mm!! Jumpsuits can be as simple and as cute as a saint,yes we know..but on this kind of day out,you can afford to add up on it. How do i mean? Yes I mean you can play on iT

A, Design it
B, Wear your cute accessories
 C, Wear your waist belt
D, Put on your scarf.

Yes i said so...then put yourself on the spotlight with those heeled sandals, pumps etc Style your hair as you wish while maintaining  your 'Chicky' look. Trust me if you do this you will sure sparkle and be that "IT GIRL" amongst your girlfriends.

The right way to perfect your eyebrows is to choose the right stencil that is the shape of your eyebrow. It simply helps you achieve lovable, attractive brows with little or no stress. It is highly re-usable as it comes in durable material like plastic. Well, got some for my personal use and I think you should get one too and make brows "wahala" less.

Thanks to Lips n Eyes Makeup
  • Smooth scuba fabric
  • Gem stone embellishment
  • Zip back fastening
  • Regular fit - true to size
  • Hand wash
  • 95% Polyester, 5% Elastane
  • Our model wears a UK 8/EU 36/US 4 and is 175cm/5'9" tall

Ok! here is the trick. With the current climate change in weather you might want to consider your dress code so you don't end up uncomfortable in a very comfortable outfit. Most times when shopping, one should consider how many ways you can combine a complete outfit to suit different needs. Here are some few tips on what you can do with this outfit.

  1. Office - All you need to do is throw a lovely jacket on this outfit and you are good to go
  2. Casual  - You might need to get reed of the heels, hand bag and put on some flat slippers
  3. Dinner - Trust me! A half length Jacket will put the icing on this piece of cake 


  1. Hello Cheche, have been thinking why not start something on bbm channel... maybe you can create a channel based on fashion and style... you just need to have some contact and share the channel pin to friends and before you know it, you get more contact... from there you can add one or two things together... its just an idle. Thanks for the airtime am grateful.

  2. Great are doing a great job. think about the BBM channel,makes sense.