Monday, 15 September 2014

LADIES ; Five interesting reasons to take time dressing up

I saw this drawing and I decided to share it with you as well as share my thoughts on it.

Wearing something cute and creatively appealing is not a taboo. It's also common to put in much effort when it comes to looking great, either for an occasion or just because it makes you happy. Dressing up is not a crime and shouldn't be considered necessary only for occasion.


·         * Dress up if you are happy in your skin and need to make a bold statement about it.

·         * Dress up because you deserve to be seen and heard. Appear as recent and special as you could, especially before those that feel you are centuries gone.

·         * Dress up to boost your confidence for that deserving edge in your social engagement. 

·         * Take your time, dress up bright and show off your interesting styles. Not for anything but because you can. Don't restrict those smart, colourful designer wears for events, parties or official outing alone. Rather, rock them daily. 

* Imagine how you will feel when a friend or stranger approaches you and whisper 'I love how you dress', or 'you look beautiful in those outfit'..... hmmmmm! I feel butterflies all over now. This is when you would realize the two hours spent putting yourself together in those lovely outfit was worth it after all. 

So many things to say to you on this but let me hear from you.

Hey, do you think we should dress up to look beautiful? And do you think it matters how long it takes?


  1. Its good to look good no doubt but wasting much time on it is what men cant condole........

  2. Its not bad to look good. But i thik ladies should learn how to do it

  3. Doesn't really matter how long it takes ma girl, provided she storms out quit fly. But hey, if its a date @8... nwa, you better start fixin urself up 2or3hrs b4 time ooo!