Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Can you spend £3000 on dog clothes?

Please don't laugh if it sound funny because what I'm about to say is not funny at all. I was actually thinking of getting myself a Chihuahua - you know those cute and cuddly dogs that never out grow puppy-hood but makes you feel like Lindsey Lohan, Tonto Dike or Tiwa Savage when you show up in a shopping mall with those fendi knee-high boots under the tough, rugged micro mini jean skirt with nothing but the most glam accessories money can buy. 

Wow! Guy's, don't be too lost in this thought. That's how we roll. 

Do you know dogs are fast becoming a fashion statement than the pets they are?  Before buying a Chihuahua, I thought I should do a little research on the pros, the cons and all that has to do with puppies. This was what made me join a forum of Chihuahua owners on-line. 
God have mercy!
Do you know that those classy hand bags you love and rock so much, thinking you're all fly like-that is way cheaper than dogs clothe?
In my research journey, I caught this story on daily-mail and can't help but share.

It is about a dog owner called Mrs Richards, a former professional photographer. She said her daughter Horatia, 19, does not mind that some of the inherited money after the death of Mr Richards four years ago, be spent on dogs.
Mrs Richards spends the money left by her husband for her and daughter on the dogs. She has spent £3,000 on dog training course and £3,000 on designer clothes. They have their own see-saw and swimming pool in the back garden. Paid for a special Chihuahua biscuits which cost £15 a bag, each have £150 pushchair for when they get tired while out walking.

They also have weekly sessions at a salon, which include massages and hydro baths. These dogs have swimming pool, have their own rooms and a stroller should they get tired of walking. They wear nothing but designer clothes from channel to Gucci...
She spoils them both with massageS, spa sessions and make-over’s...hmmmm!

Pictures credited to daily mails 

I'm still going to get my own Chihuahuas anyway. After all, what is Deola Sageo,Bshapes styling and Mudi doing? Are they no longer designers? With six yards of Ankara I can sew clothes that will last a whole year for my puppies. 
So please I need a fashionable name for puppies.
All my ‘fashionisters’ should turn up and hook a sister up. You know how we roll..........lol

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