Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Unbelievable; Smiling is better than making-up

It has been shown and medically proven that it takes more facial muscles to strain a frown than to form a smile and that smile makes you more youthful because it reduces facial wrinkles. So for women that spend so much on anti-aging cream, I think you should be more economical by just putting up a smile.

See who is talking…Lol. We spend so much time in front of the mirror wearing make-up but my question is for whom? Most times (most women are guilty), we just frown to avoid people we don't want to relate with. Other times, we do it to those we are head over heels for. Is it that its a feminine habit or just a style to show we are not cheap and we are not asking to be addressed as cheap?

Sorry to burst your bubble

But according to the research conducted by Wrigley’s gum in the UK, about 70% of people surveyed considered a person more attractive if they wear a smile than if they wear a makeup. The survey used several case studies of women wearing makeup but not smiling or smiling with no makeup, which were shown to 1000 people who were asked to rate them on attractiveness and a list of other attributes. On average, 66% of men and 73% of women rated the smiling image more attractive than the unsmiling one.

But wearing a smile doesn’t just make you look more attractive, it has other benefits too. When rating the character of the person in the smiling image, reviewers attributed many positive attributes, such as:


But when looking at the non-smiling image, people attributed more other characteristics, such as:


It’s interesting that confidence and success is ranked essentially as an attribute for both smiling and the non-smiling image. This is good news for people who might worry that smiling makes you look less professional–it turns you can carry your professional demeanor just as well when smiling.

It’s also interesting how big a difference it makes in term of your perception of youthfulness. When looking at the smiling image, people put youthful in their top three attributes 41% of the time compared to only 25% who did it for the non-smiling images with makeup. So it turns out that if you want to roll back the years, all you have to do is ‘smile.'

My Dear, give yourself a treat, don't wait until you get alert. Just remember to smile especially when you don't feel like. It will make u feel better. Trust me.

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