Sunday, 7 December 2014

FIVE Outfit Changes In A Day? Wow!!! How Many Clothes Does One Woman Actually need?

Lady Gaga wearing a white long-fur coat with matching shoes, while heading out in New York City..dramatic magic that comes with Winter!!

Lady Gaga is known for her love for outlandish fashion, and her outfits never fail to grab headlines and get the world talking.

But the eccentric fashionista went one step further this week with multiple change of outfit.

The 28-year-old changed up to five times each day as she promoted her new album with Tony Bennett.

Ranging from the one that showed off her curves,the off shoulder with sun glasses, hair tied in different styles,glamorous fur looks,to elaborate neck piece!

I think Gaga really looked adorable in some of the clothes. She's got the curves and full figure to help her pull through. I know sincerely someone might want to say she looks classless and a bit outta place in some of these wears.

 But sincerely ,how many clothes does one woman need? hmmmm in a day oo.

she wore a flowing, silk Floral print gown...quite relaxed look

An Avant-Garde taupe suit with pointed pumps!!!

The singer also wore a blue jumpsuit and fluffy pumps

A ballgown skirt with tanktops!!!

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  1. i swear this lady trully has gone gaga..........oo