Wednesday, 3 December 2014

5 Cute Reasons You Should Wear Yoga Pants

Have you ever had that feeling like 'all eyes on me'. It's kinda how those Yoga pants makes you feel ain't it? But do you know %90 of ladies that wear yoga pants either don’t know  the way to a gym or don’t even know how the word is spelt…lol you can call them leggings, jeggings..all join aight. As I was saying, yoga pants are the most amazing invention that has every woman at heart. They are just a one stop fun that suits all situation depending on your technical know-how on combination. So I give you five crazy reason you should have a Yoga pant.

#1 Gym Time

Yoga pants are most ideal for gym time out. One of the obvious reasons it was created after all…they know how to put it together ,especially when you have that gym trainer looking so hot with abbs at the right places, you would most definitely need a perfect fit yoga pants that will also boost your confidence and make you spend more time at the gym. If you know what I mean.

#2 It Fits All

Be a plus size or a lekpa shandi, yoga pants just has that perfect fit . All you need to do is know how exactly to combine it…I mean wear it right. If you are a plus sized then your lower limb have got a BFF.

#3 Accentuates Your Curves

Yoga pants makes you feel like “yeah my butt rocks” It doesn’t matter how skinny you are I bet as long as you can sit down and not fall over, then you have got an ass. Yoga pants help to accentuate your butt. So jump into one of them yoga pants girlfriend and watch em perform miracle on you. Trust me, you will be forced to ask your ass where have you been all my life.

#4 Take A Selfie

After those hard times at the gym finally starts paying off or perhaps you are just naturally gifted, why not jump in one of them Yoga pants and let Instagram know whats up, if u got it flaunt it! make your moments memorable especially those cute selfies and crazy snap shots with friends.

#5 Less Laugage Space

When embarking on a journey, they take less luggage space, so light and easy to pack. They can fit into any available space and you won't even know they are there.

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