Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Make-up that you will believe -Kandee Johnson transforms herself into celebrities!!

Wow! She's very talented I will say, though some of us right here in Africa might say "Haba!!! nah, na juju be this na mtchewww!!"

Abegiii this is raw talent on display, Some of these celeb faces are better than others sha,but she did fantastic replicating these amazing and superb looks.

A Los-Angeles based make up artist, practically used just cosmetics to transform her own face into known faces. #RAWHUSTLE

Kandee's rendition (left) of Angelina Jolie (right)

Blue-tiful: Kandee Pictured (left) as Kylie Jenner (right) artist

 Ice queen Kandee Pictured (left) as Elsa from Disney's Frozen  (right)

A wig and a lick of lipstick turns Kandee (left) into 1950s pin-up Lucille Ball (right)

 A platinum blonde wig and some clever contouring transforms Kandee (left) into Madonna (right)

Kandee (left) pulls off Johnny Depp's cult favorite character Edward Scissorhands (right)

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