Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Pins in Hair!!! What Fashion Is This?

The royal punkness rocked the hairstyle with a feminine outfit

Kelly Osbourne, the 30-year old fashion police co-host pulled a strange one on Sunday as she attended the 2014 Trevorlive event in Los Angeles.

She is supposedly a Fashion icon right, so should be thought to know better right? Well, she displaced something from the wild side by decorating her world famous purple hairdo with safety pins....

What! I hear you say?! But yes she did it again! Her trademark locks that is mostly in a braided form keeps going through series of experiments and this time she displayed again.

Well, Kelly who is always shockingly dressed adorned her purple Mohawk with a series of safety pins that were locked into the braids....chiaaa!!!

Interestingly, she dressed so gorgeous in a bright pink top that was paired with a high-waisted skirt adorned with pink/silver jewels infront. She went ahead to wow it all with those studded metallic high heels and a leather handbag with light pink designs.

Fahion Police, time for you to get at your own.... So NAH!! NAH!! NAH!! OR GO GIRL!!!???

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