Thursday, 29 January 2015

What Is Indecent About This Outfit Biko Nu?

So this 15 year-old Utah girl,was forced to go wear a jacket or shawl to cover up her bare arms. I think this is so funny because I see nothing revealing about this delicate pink lace-high-neck gown.
This is a full maxi dress for smiles sake, but the school claims she violated the school's strict dress code because her shoulders and arms were exposed.
Even as laughable as this might sound, i decided to have a second the thing is,rules are rules no matter the personality involved, even though i do not quite agree with the school, or approve of the strict dress code, this girl surely is aware of this culture,and so should obey or leave the school.

 Haba!! abeg bring this outfit to Naija biko,at least we can rock this look to church,school,market,beach,even Aso rock abi? its's even too decent

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