Monday, 12 January 2015

What To Wear During Pregnancy

When it comes to dressing during pregnancy, comfort and style are key. But note, what makes you feel right in 7 weeks may not feel right in 13-14 weeks. Note that as your body changes and your bump grows bigger some style may not matter any longer, because they might not fit anymore.

Some say its so had to dress a bump but its not impossible, even though the shape is altered. 

Learn to stick to silhouettes that flows over belly, hips, thigh, wear soft. It's not a time in a woman's life when she  has to wear baggy cloths.

It's now more fashionable to proudly show of your growing stomach. There are now maternity clothing lines making it easy for fashionista outfit to help one maintain her sense of style. It's possible to look fab and stunning in pregnancy,so you need to embrace style and sexiness without trying so hard.

Different stages of pregnancy come with separate ways and style,The second trimester begins at 14 weeks and ends at 26 weeks. During this time, the foetus' immune and respiratory system develops; hair begins covering its body; and it becomes capable of responding to sounds. At this time too,you will feel yourself growing by the minute into new sizes,here look for outfits with tie-backs,buttons,wraps which can adjust as your body grows and changes.

The third trimester begins at 26 weeks and ends with labour. During the third trimester, the foetus' lungs begin simulating breathing motions; its eyes start sensing light; its fingertips fully mature; and it begins its descent into the pelvis. Here you naturally feel huge and uncomfortable,Third trimester usually the hardest time to find clothes that fits and are fashionable,you need to be comfortable while being chic. Yeah, chic!


LEGGINGS: Note you can never go wrong with a good stretchy pair. There are quite special maternity leggings,when your bump is big,just slouch the waistband below for more comfort.
Leggings keep you cool and comfy all round. They are forgiving to your growing bumps.

MAXI-DRESS: Flowing maxi-dress puts you in a comfort zone, and you get to relax in a stylish way. Oh so trendy they are! Choose a soft fabric that can drape easily over your changing body.
With maternity maxi's you stay fashionably pregnant. It's a surprise outfit that can take you through every stage both in comfortable cuts or plunging necks.

WRAP DRESS:Created by Dianne Von Furstenberg in 1974, It's consistently been the bestie of women of all sizes. They are best in stretch fabrics, so they cling to all the right places.

The Wrap Dress is a staple in every pregnancy, the flexibility of wearing it makes it fun and your wardrobe will thank you because of its versatility and fit. Elegant and easy is this outfit,while you can adjust it to fit the waist line,make use of the expandable and soft material ones. Wrap-style are definitely a great choice,for any stage of pregnancy, the wrap skirts,shirts,dresses have the power to pull you together. It's any trimester wonder.

LONG TANK TOP: Look for the microfiber blends fabrics, thick straps that can hold your bust together or one that can hide your bra straps. Choose the longer length, they will accommodate that bump, they sit beautifully over your tummy and bottom and give a gorgeous long-line look...just make sure they have enough room.

Long,fitted tank top in soft jersey form with slender,adjustable shoulder straps will pop magic for you.

SHORTS; They help you stay smart and cool. You know in pregnancy you may naturally feel hotter than normal. You can layer them up with fashionable sweaters or jackets.

A GOOD BRA: This is a must because you need a good support and comfort,you may end up buying more during pregnancy,but chill, its worth it.

A GREAT NECK SCARF: They might not be your number one maternity choice per-Se, but they are fast becoming a fashion go get for women... they are necessary accessory to lift up your look and add good flair to your outfit. Get the adjustable pull-back scarf,it will help you create a relax look.


There are some no nos in pregnancy. Note your comfort and health of your baby(ies) matters. You are pregnant so a tight cloth is a no go area,

No tight satin outfits they will reveal too many bunched curves.

No to tight jeans,they will simply upset your body and keep you uncomfortable.

No clingy outfits

NO heels! The health of you and your baby is first and number one priority. Wearing heels can damage your spine and create problems so don't risk a tumble in those heels.


Forget the psych that "finally now its pregnancy so i can finally relax and not worry about how i look or what i wear". For the stylish and sophisticated Mom-to-be a good flat shoe gives you an edge. There are no "official shoes" or maternity shoes, so you may find that your feet get larger or swollen. Some are cooler tan others though.

Strappy sandals


Shoes with slightly pointy toe

Ballet -style-flats

Tennis shoes



Slip on shoes.

you need what can keep you balanced and comfortable and can help your weight. You can step out in style wearing shoes with elastic laces and panels. A big no to laces or buckles,so no bending over your burgeoning belly

Check out some more pictures of suitable dresses to where during pregnancy.


Zoe Saldana looked utterly gorgeous in a peach and pink dress at a premiere in October 2014 - midway through her pregnancy with twins. The star is due to give birth in early 2015


Zoe Saldana - who is pregnant with twins - looked utterly angelic in this gorgeous, sweeping sugary pink trapeze dress with a dipped hemline and ombre pink clutch.

Matching nude shift dress and jacket and it's a style tip we'll definitely be stealing.

Sun dresses Maternity style at its finest.
Gladiator Sandal