Sunday, 1 February 2015

Perfecting Your Five-minute Make up Routine

The 21st Century woman is a confirmed superhero. With just 24 hours she has to be a wife, mother and boss and she has to look good while doing all this hence she learns how to prioritize and make best use of every second.
Here are a few tips that for all power women that can help you look your best every day and save a lot of time.

1) First off, you want to get a powder that has maximum coverage and can provide a mattifying effect all day. This will help eliminate the time you spend applying foundation and getting it to blend. A powder brush is a must as it makes blending smoother and quicker.2) Instead of painting in the brows like most ladies would normally do, you should definitely use a brow definer or filler, as it lasts all day long and most importantly saves you time as you only fill in the sparse areas of the brow when using a definer. By filling in the sparse areas, you get eyebrows that are as close to natural as possible but are still very well defined.

3) You've got your base on and your brows are done, the next quick tip is to apply coloured eyeliner. This helps put some co lour on your eyes and brightens up the eyes whilst still defining the eyes. It is a great alternative for those days when you don’t really want to wear eye shadow but still want some colour on your eyes. Blue and green eyeliner have proven to be great on coloured women.

4) A quick swirl of lengthening mascara will add extra length to your lashes to give your eyes the wake up call it needs.

5) Blush is absolutely compulsory as it not only adds colour to your face but will help define the face as when using a contour and highlight set. Using your blush brush, simply apply your blush at the hollows of your cheeks, starting from your ear and blend downwards unto the apple of the cheeks. Blush concentration should be more towards the ear and should be very light at the apple of the cheeks. This technique helps to contour the face and add some colour to the cheeks at the same time, thereby saving much needed time.

6) Apply a dash of your favorite lipstick or lip gloss and you are good to go. Your five minute makeup routine is done! #zaronhairandmakeuptips

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  1. Not sure i can pull this off in 5 but it's worth a try.