Sunday, 1 March 2015

Can You Allow Bae Style You For A Week?

             Total trust: Kelsey Lawrence (left), a writer from Austin, Texas, let her boyfriend Luke Winkie (right) dress her for an entire work week in whatever he thought she looked most attractive in 
Meet the beautiful lady who allowed her boyfriend to style her for a week. Well, according to Dailymail, after Kelsey Lawrence,found out that her boyfriend Luke Winkie, disliked her favorite black shorts, she then took a bold decision to give him complete control of her closet...allowing him to dress her for an entire week.

Luke swung into action,even though he knew nothing about women's fashion,he practically had to pick out Kelsey's daily outfits based on what he found her most attractive in.

Whoa!! This is so cool. Let's take a look at what a few of his styling looked like.

       Monday: Kelsey, 25, was 'pleasantly surprised' by Luke's first outfit choice (pictured), which mixed color and prints
For the first day of styling: He went for A-line,forest green skirt,a loose,black H&M t-shirt,leopard cardigan,black stockings and black ankle boots.

          Tuesday: Kelsey said she was embarrassed to go to work in this stomach-baring outfit that Luke put together, but she later received a genuine compliment on her new look from one of her female co-workers
Tuesday look: Luke dressed her in a stomach-baring,polka dot gear shirt,a pair of grey and white tie dye Levi's and a denim jacket.
            Friday: On the last day of Kelsey's experiment, Luke dressed her in an eclectic outfit, which featured a football jersey, a fur coat and a shocking yellow miniskirt
Friday look:The last day of the assignment  Luke picked a football jersey,a fur coat and a shocking mini yellow mini skirt.

This is so funny and cool at the same time. Kelsey noted that she was 'pleasantly surprised' that luck was mixing prints and colors and more importantly the outfit earned 'approving stares' and compliments at her office.