Wednesday, 3 February 2016

The Two Major Fashion Flops At The Sag Awards Goes To Sola And Lori!

At the  Screen Actors Guild Awards 2016, many came dressed to impress, while a few came dressed like they were hurriedly rushed out of their hiding places to attend the awards. 
I understand that the red carpet can be much fun with lots and lots of people taking risks, but they should ensure the risk is worth it.  

However, looking at Sola Barmis [above], who came dressed so bold and bright...only for that appalling bow on the back of her dress to spoil her well planned, but wrongly styled ensemble.

Lori Petty, on the other hand looked so annoying to have appeared on the red carpet like this. I mean, what was on her mind when she was l
leaving her home? This 'getup' is a big "no". She looked more like a cow-girl on a mission to recover her lost cow, and the pink color did not help the getup at all. The crop-top and trouser style looked trashy too, with lots of wrongly placed patterns, locks and what have you...Lori sure made it as one of the Sag Awards worst and annoying looks.

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