Thursday, 4 August 2016

Hey Guys Get The Steps And Cheats To A Perfect Fro Buns Hairstyle!

Lip sync battle Africa host Pearl Thusi, came up with this huge advice and cheats on how you can get your own fro bun up on her breakdown below...

"Get the perfect fro-bun !!

Step 1: get you #BlackPearlHair LEAVE IN SPRAY and AFRICAN OIL BLEND.
Use these to moisturize and detangle your hair with minimal damage and to give your hair maximum nutrition.
Make sure when you brush, you brush from your ends to your roots to avoid damaging your hair whilst brushing.
Use wide tooth brushes and bristles to smooth down the hair.

STEP 2: Make a straight middle parting. Tie the hair up where you want to place your bun and brush again if necessary. If your hair needs more spray or oil spray for lusciousness and shine. Add generously. My FAV CHEAT- because we all have those is to add ring bun shaper to add extra volume and to make styling easier and faster by achieving the perfect shape.
Also- before you start pinning the bun, flatten your hair and smooth it down using the oil and the Black Pearl Hair Hydrating Conditioner. Your hair will be soft and looking beautiful. If you have really course hair, then use your favourite gel or holding product. Just make sure you do this now to avoid messing your bun later whilst trying to smooth your hair down.
STEP 3: Use wide and narrow grips  to pin the hair down. You can either twist the hair around the bun or make two/ four sections and pin the ends in.
Tip- I always pin from the bottom and push up so that you avoid hurting your scalp with the pins. Also helps hide them.

STEP 4: Make sure your hiding the bun ring under and check that the size of the buns are almost identical. If someone else is around ask them to check any blinds spots you might have. Maybe take pics to double check.

STEP 5/6: SLAY'EM !!
Go out and show off!! If you need to- add hairpieces for extra big buns and for a lot more volume". ❤️

Credit Pearl Thusi

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