Thursday, 13 October 2016

What Cheche Wore: My Beaded Ankara Kimono Is Such A Unique Spice!


I do not get to keep most of my clothes all the time; majorly because I always get to lose interest in wearing them, give them out, sell it off to customers who will buy them off me, or  lose them "forcefully" to my biggest wardrobe enemy... my niece or my friends lol.

I have had this "cutest of them all" beaded Ankara kimono for about three years now. Seriously, I have had to guard it jealously too, because of the obvious reasons (it's uniqueness).

So on this fateful day, because I am not one to live by them laid down rules, or how/how not to pair your looks, I paired my all time fabulous beaded kimono with a chiffon black long sleeved buttoned -up shirt and a black mini skirt to go.

I love to spice up my looks. I love colors, especially the bright ones, so I topped this look up with my black suede neon heels pumps that featured neon spikes, and then finished it up with my ankle-length neon stockings hahahaha! Did I hear you say what is wrong with Cheche?

You can get your beautiful beaded Ankara Kimono from Tamris.  (@tamris_) They have some really amazing statement pieces .

Black shirt and mini skirt is by Cheche Smith Nation. Yes, that's moi!

Ahhha! I see you staring at my bun and all natural hair...unique and fancy abi? Lol!


  1. Your outfit looks so great dear that I can't stop staring!!! You really are a unique one and so is your outfit....from head to toe, you're amazingly the unique fashionista.