Wednesday, 2 November 2016

How I Wore My Ankara Print Crop Top!

Crop tops are so cute and fun to wear; whether you decide to tuck it in, fly it or get it knotted. I'm of the opinion that one can actually wear them in any way that makes you comfortable.

However, I have had to answer questions on my Fashion show on radio [BTW, you can join me for that every Wednesday on Wazobia 95.1 from 12 pm], about if it was possible for 'just anyone' to wear  a crop top. Oh Yes! anyone can wear a crop top! I am a "Fashion-Outlaw"! I don't believe in rules when it comes to fashion, I am and will always be of the opinion that anybody can wear anything they want, as long as it makes them strong, in charge and comfortable...Shikena.

Note, its so on-trend, and just about any body type can pull it off. But on the other hand, make sure you do not go showing off much skin or disobeying laid down rules, especially where dress code is involved.

Now to my look: Tamris made this cute Ankara print crop top for me...actually it came in a crop top and pant set. So I quietly ditched the pant and decided to pair the crop top with this trendy bell bottom high-waisted jeans.

My high-waist jeans by (Elan red stores) also came in a set too 😃😃😃😃 [told ya I'm an outlaw].  So the trick here is that this fitted crop top, rocked with a high waist, will keep you looking smarter and more in shape than when you pair it with a loose blouse. BTW, high waist jeans can help you hide your belly bulges too *winks*  (working to get my tummy toned sha)

Ok, I topped off my look with this cute cross- shoulder purse by (Mandy Racheal) and a red caged heels by (Cny Fashion House)

Hair: All mine too, Accessories: All mine 💕💕💕
What do you think of my look?


  1. You just know how to kill it...... I love the way you combined the whole thing. Kudos dear

  2.'re good. Keep it up....we look up to you. Great outfit.