Ten Unbelievable Health Benefits of Onions

Until when my inquisitiveness pushed me to finding out more about the health benefit of onions, I honestly thought it was good for just two things; first for preparing delicious meals and secondly making even a grown-up have stream of tears in his eyes. My findings however prove onion is much more useful than how I have subjected it. Below are some of its benefits
·        * Onion juice is recommended to reduce ear pains and blurred vision.
·         * By eating onions, you can reduce any inflammation of the joint or pains and keep your heart healthy.
·         *   Onions helps your respiration function normally with its ability to liquefy mucus.
·        *   Consuming onions prevent cold and flu. 
·         * Now this is for the men, the seed of onions increases sperms. 
·         * Onions with its chromium help regulates and reduces blood pressure. 
·         * Eating raw onions regularly can significantly lower cholesterol and prevent heart attack or problems.  
·         * Onion extract is rich in a variety of sulfides which provide some protection against tumor growth. It reduces the risk of several cancers such as colorectal cancer, oral cancer, laryngeal cancer, stomach cancer, esophageal cancer, and ovarian cancer.
·         * The quercetin found in onions, along with other substances; help promote a healthy immune system. 
·         * Recent research shows that onions may kill bacteria that cause tooth decay and other dental problems. Chewing a raw onion for two to three minutes could kill all the germs in the mouth. 
Did I hear you sigh? Smiles......
Onions are quite beneficial to our health and food. When you go to the market, choose the fresh ones. 



                         No time for the gym? Get fit where you are.

If you can't go to the gym because of your busy schedule, here are four exercise moves that give as close full-body toning and strength results in just a few minutes as you would gain at the gym. It boost energy, mood, builds muscle and burn calories. If you try to do three 5-minute mini workouts with these moves in one day, you would have exercised for 15 minutes.
Want to give it a try? Follow these workout steps in your house

1: Chair Dips
Great for toning your triceps and core
Sit on the edge of a sturdy, stable chair with legs together, knees bent and feet flat on floor a few feet in front of chair. Place your hands about six inches apart, and firmly grip the edges of the chair. Slide your butt just off the front of the chair so that your upper body is pointing straight down. Keep your abdominals pulled in and your head centered between your shoulders. Bend your elbows and lower your body in a straight line. When your upper arms are parallel to the floor, push yourself back up, being careful not to lock elbows. Repeat. (Want more arms? Here's how to Tone Your Arms—In 10 Minutes!)

2: Push-ups

Great for toning your chest, shoulders, triceps, back, hips, and abs

Start in a basic push-up position with hands directly beneath shoulders and body in a straight line. Bend elbows out to sides and lower body almost to floor (or as far as you can). Keep abs tight and body in a line. Hold for 1 second, then push back up. Repeat.

3: Squats

Great for toning your glutes, hamstrings and quads
Stand with feet parallel and hip-width apart. Bend your knees and lower your body into a squat position, as if you are sitting back into an imaginary chair, keeping knees behind toes. Stop when your knees are at 90 degrees. Slowly press through your heels and squeeze your glutes as you return to standing.

4: Plank

Great for toning your abs, back, chest, forearms and shoulders
To come into plank pose, hold a push-up position, weight on balls of feet and hands, wrists directly below shoulders, arms straight, and body in line from head to heels. Hold for as long as you can, working up to 1 minute.
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                           Eating for healthy living; Chicken Breast/Salad              

If you want to live longer and healthier, start paying attention to the quality of food you consume. Not just your fast food or big bowl of Garri with stew, but highly nutritious food cooked with fresh veggie ingredients. You need healthy foods to lose weight, build body resistance, increase immune system and live longer without diseases. Chicken: with its low fat protein and crunchy salad helps support a healthy living.
Some benefits include
·         It provides fiber that’s helps the digestive system
·         Natural low calories against excessive intake from other food
·         Vitamins and minerals that can help you feel energized and healthy
·         It is not just nutritious, it is delicious
·         Capable of reducing risk of disease such as high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer etc.